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The latest industry insights about workplace risk, safety and compliance.

30 March 2020

What are some advantages for firms hiring contingent workers in times of crisis?

The gig economy has taken over traditional working ways. Last year, the Centre for Future Work reported that for the first time, over half of Australia’s working population are in non-permanent...

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16 March 2020

IR35 and what you need to know

In this blog we will convey to HR leaders what IR35 is, how to identify and manage the implications of IR35 on your contract workers, and ultimately, minimise associated risks.

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10 March 2020

The Healthcare industry and contract working: challenges and implications

Healthcare providers tend to rely heavily on staffing agencies to manage the fluctuating level of patients and the level of care required.

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06 March 2020

A safe and healthy workplace is a positive and productive workplace

Unfortunately, people often see so many barriers that they don’t even know where to begin. The problem of meeting safety and compliance requirements can seem so complicated that stakeholders fear how...
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28 February 2020

Training and the gig economy

More and more employers are making use of contractors as the ‘gig economy’ grows. But training these contingent workers comes with challenges of its own. How can you get the best out of your...
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07 February 2020

Flexible working and the need to manage contractors

Our workforce situation todayDigitisation and demographic shifts have forced a new way of working. From an organisational perspective this is being driven by the need to respond to global changes and...
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