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The latest industry insights about workplace risk, safety and compliance.

07 February 2020

Flexible working and the need to manage contractors

Our workforce situation todayDigitisation and demographic shifts have forced a new way of working. From an organisational perspective this is being driven by the need to respond to global changes and...
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22 January 2020

What are the top 5 workers compensation claims?

Unfortunately workplace injuries are regularly reported and such is life.  At legislation, industry and employer level,  safety practices are continuously prioritised and improved upon to...
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20 January 2020

Jargon busting work safety - knowing your SWMS from your JSAs

Within your industry, you most likely hear an abundance of acronyms and shortened terms thrown around on a regular basis. Many of these may be specific to your industry alone, however some may also be...
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08 January 2020

Contractor and visitor management combine for complete solution

Site safety and the safety of our workers is an organisational necessity. With technology constantly presenting new opportunities, Sitepass is delighted to announce the inclusion of a visitor...
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10 December 2019

Contingent workforce management: worker tracking opportunities & threats

With the complexity of worker types, project durations, along with permissions and worker licenses, it is a challenge to keep on top of worker data needing to be captured.Growing in importance,...
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15 November 2019

How to manage contractors in the digital age

If you look after contractors in the workplace you’re likely to be a human resource manager, business owner, health & safety manager or learning & development manager. You will be responsible...
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