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The latest industry insights about workplace risk, safety and compliance.

27 September 2019

Harnessing The Power of The Growing Contingent Workforce

We know that the traditional ways of working are becoming a design of the past, making way for a more flexible working space. The workforce has seen rising numbers in contract or ‘contingent’ workers;...
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26 September 2019

The Business Ecosystem Perspective

How seeing your digital technology as a whole helps keep your business healthyEvery business, no matter the size, has a network of companies or personnel that intersect; this is because producing or...
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08 September 2019

5 Contingent Workforce Solutions To Improve Managing & Training Contractors

The gig economy is on the rise – but training a contingent or contractor workforce comes with its own challenges.Around half (56%) of the employers we spoke to in our recent Learning Insights global...
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04 September 2019

Challenges of Managing Remote Employees

Is there a lack of trust between employers and their remote workforce?More and more businesses face the reality of remote working. Therefore, tackling the challenges of managing remote...
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27 July 2019

Training the contingent workforce

External factors – including demographic upheaval, globalisation, digital technology, and changing social values and worker expectations, are disrupting business models and radically changing the...
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