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How it works

Replace the disorder of multiple, ineffective documents and systems with a single, central application

Step 1

Connect, invite, and preregister your workforce

Invite your workforce to connect

Sitepass provides a single platform to manage your full workforce such as contractors, team members and visitors. Send them invitations so they can effortlessly preregister and complete their onboarding before they commence employment.

Provide everyone with access

Personalise your Sitepass experience with a branded portal that allows all of your workforce to register, login and manage their information and compliance tasks from any device.

Step 2

Assign unique workflows by risk, role, service, or location

Build personalized onboarding workflows

Sitepass provides the flexibility to create personalized onboarding workflows for all employed individuals by customizing the information they are responsible to provide and the information they should receive for their specific role, job, or location they will be working at.

Classify the risk of your contractors

Assign prequalification’s requirements mapped to each contracting company, based on the project, service, contract or location they have been contracted for.

Step 3

Capture evidence and documentation from your workforce

Capture documents and information

Create custom forms to capture documents and information that provide evidence to support an employed contractor, visitor, or team member employment.

Receive alerts for expired records

Stay on top of your compliance by automatically tracking the expiry date of important records including training, licenses, insurances and receive alerts when these records are expiring.

Step 4

Train with online inductions

Deliver induction and site-specific training

Effortlessly deliver online training such as corporate and site inductions, policies, procedures, work instructions and compliance training.

Capture on the job, face to face and external training records

Capture evidence of training delivered on the job such as site inductions, practical assessments, and simulations with uploaded certificates, badges, videos, and audio recordings.

Self-author interactive online courses

Create unlimited interactive mobile accessible courses that include content pages, images, videos, audio, assessments, acknowledgements and SCORM content.

Step 5

Verify workflows, track compliance and issue approvals

Review and verify documents

Sitepass provides a range of tools that make it quick and easy to verify that records, documents, and forms are up to date and accurate. Send notifications with statuses, comments and tasks where further action is required to approve the workflow.

Keep a compliance audit trail

Keep on top of your compliance with the audit history log that tracks all changes to documents, forms, training, sent messages and expired records.

Issue approvals

Issue approval to individuals and businesses that they have completed and meet the compliance, risk, and employment requirements to work for your organization.

Step 6

Sign in at site

Digitise your attendance book

Replace your paper-based site attendance book by allowing all personnel to sign in at site with either a QR code or Kiosk.

Time and attendance reports

Use the dashboards to see in real time who is on site, and easily source attendance history reports that include dates, times, roles, and signed in information.

Gatekeep site access

Automate who can sign in on site but blocking staff, visitors, and contractors if they haven’t preregistered, completed their training, and if any of their information is out of date.

Step 7

Keep your sites safe

Broadcast messages

Broadcast SMS and email safety messages, company updates, process updates, or changes to work instructions directly from within Sitepass. Send custom messages to individuals or multiple people based on their role, location, or project.

Spot checks

All workers are issued with a unique Sitepass ID, Scan the QR code on the ID to verify they are, correctly qualified and trained for the job at hand.

Limit the number of people on site

Restrict the number of people you have on site to simplify and comply with social distancing. Set the number of visitors, and then let Sitepass automate who can get access.

Capture permits, hazards and on the job safety information

Build forms to capture information from your people who are on site such as hazards, permits, incidents, and job evidence directly from a mobile device.

Step 8

Demonstrate your workforce compliance

Access your entire workforce from one place

With all of you workforce in one place, Sitepass makes it easy to find the person you need when you need, for the job or task at hand.

Have full transparency with Sitepass

Sitepass allows you to demonstrate your organisation workforce compliance with visual dashboards, dynamic searches, and reports.

Provide full transparency across all areas of your business and give your contract managers, site managers, and leadership team the peace of mind that they have reduce their business risk and by effectively managing their workforce compliance and safety with Sitepass.

Is it time you upgraded your spreadsheet to Sitepass?

One place to manage your contractors, employees, volunteers and visitors, with complete transparency over your workplace risk, safety and compliance.

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