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Your Sitepass team

Your team at Sitepass will consist of a dedicated Solutions Consultant, a dedicated Client Success Manager, and a Service Desk team.

A Solutions Consultant (SC) will engage you to provide solution leadership and build a business relationship, as well as assisting you with scoping for new business opportunities where required.

A Client Success Manager (CSM) is dedicated to support, train, and monitor your customer experience with us and measured on your success.

Our approach to service and support puts you directly in the centre of our service model. Your dedicated CSM will be your ‘partner’ to assist you, including any additional service requests and queries.

Your CSM will also work with you to implement the solution according to your needs and will be the first point of contact for any project and application related questions, required services, incidents and problem requests.

The Service Desk (SD) team will be your first point of contact for troubleshooting, guidance, and service requests relating to our products and services post-onboarding.
The team is responsible for supporting you and your administrators in your daily application administration and maintenance on an ongoing basis, and ensuring your services are functioning successfully according to your business needs.
The SD team works closely together with your CSM to ensure you are optimising the use of Sitepass.

Our purpose is to provide you with a seamless interaction experience. Every contact with us is captured in our ticketing system which overtime helps us to improve how we support you. You can contact the Sitepass SD by phone, chat or a ticket here.

Launching your application

Sitepass is committed to delivering the highest quality that exceeds your expectations.
Your CSM will work with you to implement your required business needs including configuration and annual implementation support.

Our overarching project delivery approach is a combination of both waterfall and agile.
At a high level, our project is defined by clear phases, each of which requires a level of completion prior to moving on to the next stage. This lends itself to the waterfall approach.

Governed by your CSM, planning for the overall project is completed as a first step and reviewed regularly throughout the project. Workshops between your CSM and yourself are set-up to define the scope, boundaries and objectives for when the project will take place.

A project plan is developed to outline the requirements that all parties involved would need to approve before commencing the project. All activities are then planned and agreed in advance.

Project reporting and frequency will be determined in the first phase of project planning, including establishing who the stakeholders are with clear responsibilities. In general, it is recommended that all required parties are meeting weekly, as well as maintaining a project plan that is accessible and editable by both parties.

Roll out

The final stage of the project is the most important as this is the stage that defines the rollout of the application across your business. A plan is required to not only ensure the application is setup thoroughly tested, but also to define the rollout, the impact to the business and other considerations for training, support and staging the implementation. Your CSM will work with you to bring this together and plan for the roll out accordingly.


Ensuring you maximise your Sitepass investment, it is important to you can maintain and administer the application with minimal fuss and effort. Our training delivers comprehensive training that matches your Sitepass configuration and workflows.

Your CSM will work with you and your administrators to design and help execute a training plan to ensure early adoption of the application. Personalised webinar training can be provided to application administrators to learn how to setup, configure, and use Sitepass within your organisation.

Additionally, administrators can at any time access pre-recorded webinars and your team can access any time the multiple training resources available through the Knowledgebase that has fully searchable content with relevant articles which can be saved, printed and collated based on the role of the user.


Monitoring & managing your success

We understand that your business needs can easily change over time. We will stay in touch with you and your stakeholders, no matter how you change or grow.

Under the care of your CSM, you will have regular scheduled calls/meetings that will provide the forum to discuss and review the status and outcome of the support and services provided to you.

This will be backed up with regular service reporting across:

  • Use of the application – business impact
  • Issue Management – Open and closed tickets /requests
  • Service Level performance
  • Planned/scheduled maintenance activities
  • Planned/adhoc feedback requests

At Sitepass, we know that our solutions are only as effective as the business outcomes they produce. We will engage you in regularly scheduled “temperature check” meetings at quarterly, biannually or annually points.

  • These sessions could include both your SC and CSM.
  • We provide valuable information on usage and ticket status as well as an analysis of user activity across the stated period of use.
  • We assess how your solution aligns with the original goals of your implementation
  • We discuss any new strategic decisions that can be supported digitally through your solution.
  • We discuss any feedback you may have had from users and work to iron out any challenges.

Our Customer Success model is about proactively working with our customers, in partnership, to ensure that their business outcomes are being met – this means that we will be closer to your business and that you can achieve the best result possible from our products and services.

To ensure we can identify opportunities with your account, your CSM will gather user/customer feedback to:

  • Implement, update and execute change for continuous improvement
  • Identify feature developments in roadmap
  • Identify process and support improvements
  • Define configuration changes
  • Coordinate improvement plans with client stakeholders
  • Implement, update and execute change for continuous improvement

To ensure our SD meets your own and your users’ needs, there is an opportunity to provide a customer satisfaction rating post the closure of any request ticket. This is an automated process and users who have logged a request will get the opportunity to rate the service of the interaction they have received from the SD once the ticket has been closed.