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Feature Contractor Client Enterprise
Connect to your clients and manage the compliance of your business Contractor Client Enterprise
Promote your business in the contractor marketplace Contractor Client Enterprise
Provide your employees with a login to complete their client workflows and induction training. Contractor Client Enterprise
Check in to site and monitor your staff access to each location Contractor Client Enterprise
Access self-service support or contact our service desk by email, chat, or phone Contractor Client Enterprise
Track the compliance of your business in the dashboards and searches. Contractor Client Enterprise
Translate Sitepass and training from over 100 languages. Contractor Client Enterprise
Subscribe to product releases and system status updates Contractor Client Enterprise
Receive emails for updates to workflows and notification of expired records. Contractor Client Enterprise
Connect, onboard, and verify your contractors and their staff Contractor Client Enterprise
Invite, preregister, onboard, train your team members, employees, volunteers, and visitors Contractor Client Enterprise
Monitor access of contractors, visitors, and employees across all work sites Contractor Client Enterprise
Prequalify a contracting company and classify their risk with customise onboarding questionnaires Contractor Client Enterprise
Print QR barcodes for each site to support contactless mobile sign-ins. Contractor Client Enterprise
Set up a kiosk at your front desk and replace your attendance book Contractor Client Enterprise
Create, edit, and assign unlimited forms and workflow requirements Contractor Client Enterprise
Generate reports on the compliance of your organisation and its people Contractor Client Enterprise
Conduct spot checks of people on site with the Sitepass ID and QR barcode Contractor Client Enterprise
Assign custom permission groups and restrict access Contractor Client Enterprise
Suspend contractors, employees, workers, and visitors and retain their history and information Contractor Client Enterprise
Capture documents, photos, files such as licences, insurances, vaccinations, and other documents Contractor Client Enterprise
Verify workflows with custom comments, statuses and audit trails Contractor Client Enterprise
Track the expiry of custom records, documents and training Contractor Client Enterprise
Build, host and deliver mobile responsible online training with videos, assessments and SCORM content Contractor Client Enterprise
Create and distribute corporate and site induction, policies, procedures with acknowledgements Contractor Client Enterprise
Capture external, face-to-face and workplace familiarisation training records Contractor Client Enterprise
Assign and track worksite specific work requirements such as site inductions Contractor Client Enterprise
Broadcast SMS and email notifications to all registered visitors, team members and contractors Contractor Client Enterprise
Set visit limits to restrict the number of visitors at site Contractor Client Enterprise
Create a custom branded portal with single sign on and self registration Contractor Client Enterprise
Assigned dedicated customer success manager Contractor Client Enterprise
Contractor pays with custom pricing plans Contractor Client Enterprise
Custom pricing with alternative payment options Contractor Client Enterprise
Custom legal terms, support plans and service levels Contractor Client Enterprise
Personalised support with priority case queuing, training, and onboarding. Contractor Client Enterprise
Sandbox environment with early access to beta programs and new features Contractor Client Enterprise
Personalised webinar training for your administrators Contractor Client Enterprise
Integration and single sign-on support Contractor Client Enterprise

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Frequently asked questions

Like to know a little bit more? Here's some answers...

A connection is a business or individual that your business employs or enters your sites. This could either be a contractor (supplier, freelancer, principal contractor, contractor employee), or an individual within your organisational team (employees, volunteers, temp workers, site managers, administrators). Each connection is assigned a workflow so that they can work for your organisation.

A contractor is a business contracted to work for you. They provide specialised goods or services that your business uses; this includes its employees who physically attend work on your projects and worksites. Connection to contractors is available through the marketplace or by sending email invites.

A team comprises of individuals directly employed by your business to do a specific job for you and your clients. In Sitepass, a team member can be assigned workflows from your clients and your business. You can assign site manager or administrator permissions, which provides them with access to manage your worksites and your contractors and their employees at those sites.

The end of each billing period the total number of active connections (contractors, workers, visitors and team members) are calculated. The invoiced subscription amount for the period is based on the connection tier this number falls into. For example, 280 active connections will fall into the 251 – 500 connection tier.

Where your contractors are required to pay for their connections, these connections are excluded from the overall connection number and the fee that will be invoiced.

Clients your business connects to can either be free or may incur a cost. Client connection payments are configurable under the settings for each business and fees are either applicable to contracting companies or workers.

Visitors who check in at site are not included as connection. Visitors who preregister and assigned a workflow to complete training or upload documentation are included as a connection.

Each invoice calculates the total number of active connections (contractors, workers, visitors and team members) during the previous invoice period. When a connection is disconnected, it is reflected in the next invoice; this is because this connection remains active during the current month’s invoice.

Unlimited. All worksites created in Sitepass can have the Visitor Management System enabled. For each worksite, either a Kiosk can be set up or a QR barcode used for quick sign-in.

No. Sitepass imposes no limits to the number of sign-ins for visitors when using the Visitor Management System.

Yes. Sitepass can be trialed for 30 days before the first monthly invoice is required. No credit card is required to register.

No. You do not need a credit card or payment details to register with Sitepass.

Yes. A discount is applied when the total connections increase into the next tier; their relates to the cost for each connection.

Sitepass subscription plans can be monthly, yearly or longer term contract lengths are supported. Please contact us to get a quote.

Any business of any size can register to use Sitepass, including sole traders or companies. If you are an employee, you need to be invited to register by your business; meaning that, your business must be registered first. Once invited, you can create your user account in Sitepass.

Sitepass accepts credit cards, direct debt in Australia for monthly payments and back transfers for annual payments.

Unlimited. No limits are imposed on either the number of self-authored courses or SCORM courses uploaded by you or on those completed by users.

Yes. We offer a 15% discount for non-for-profits. Please contact us to discuss this option further.

We take security seriously and it is central to how we develop, support and host Sitepass. Visit our security policy for further information.

Sitepass Kiosk works on an iPad running iOS 10+. To use the Kiosk, we also recommend an iPad stand and label printer. The recommended label printer compatible with the Sitepass Kiosk is the Brother 720, 810 or 820.

You can view the Sitepass client terms and conditions and Privacy Policy from our website. Sitepass complies with Australian, European, New Zealand, United States, and the United Kingdom privacy laws.

Yes. Within Sitepass there is the ability to upgrade to a client, which will give your business the added benefits to onboard your contractors, employees, volunteers and setup a visitor management system fo

Yes. Whilst Sitepass is self service, for new customers the Sitepass team will be able to assist you with your implementation inorder to get the most out of Sitepass. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Our support team is available and can help answer your questions. Please visit our contact us page to get in touch.

Still have questions? Contact us today.