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Only pay for what you need with volume discount benefits.

Sitepass’ flexible pricing means you only pay for the connections you need – how many suppliers and employees do you have to onboard, verify and manage? Get started with free connections.

Sitepass Network
Your suppliers

A supplier is a business contracted to work for you. Only pay for the connection to the supplier business, regardless of how many employees they have working at your site.

1-5 suppliers


6+ suppliers

Starting from $3.50/ AUD Per supplier, per month
employees icon
Your employees

An employee is an individual directly employed by your business to work for you, your clients and manage your work sites.

1-5 employees


6+ employees

Starting from $1.50/ AUD Per employee, per month

No credit card needed, join for free and sign up today. Calculate an indicative cost.


Calculate your pricing estimate with our pricing tiers.

Sitepass Network Your suppliers
Suppliers Monthly price Annual price
0 - 5 $0 $0
6 - 100 $3.50 $42.00
101 - 300 $3.33 $39.00
301 - 500 $3.15 $37.80
501 - 3000 $2.98 $35.70
3001 - 5000 $2.80 $33.60
5001 - 7000 $2.63 $31.50
7001 - 8000 $2.45 $29.40
8001 - 9000 $2.28 $27.30
9001 - 10000 $2.10 $25.20
10001 - 11000 $1.93 $23.10
11001 - 12000 $1.58 $18.90
12001 - 13000 $1.40 $16.80
13001+ $1.23 $14.70
employees icon Your employees
Employee Monthly price Annual price
0 - 5 $0 $0
6 - 10 $1.50 $18.00
11 - 50 $1.50 $18.00
51 - 200 $1.43 $17.10
201 - 400 $1.28 $15.30
401 - 700 $1.20 $14.40
701 - 900 $1.13 $13.50
901 - 2000 $1.05 $12.60
2001 - 4000 $0.98 $11.70
4001 - 6000 $0.90 $10.80
6001 - 8000 $0.83 $9.90
8001 - 10000 $0.75 $9.00
10001 - 12000 $0.68 $8.10
12001+ $0.6 $7.20

Need more? Contact us for government & enterprise pricing.


Get access to the full set of Sitepass product features.

Enjoy full features included in all accounts so you are free to onboard, train and verify your full workforce.

Handshake icon Connect and manage your workforce
  • Invite, connect and onboard your suppliers
  • Invite and onboard your employees and volunteers
  • Unlimited client connections and onboarding
  • Unlimited supplier worker connections
  • Unlimited work sites
  • Connect new suppliers from the marketplace
  • Manage your business information and public profile
  • Manage your personal account profile, contact details and notifications
  • Use the dynamic searches to find the information you need
  • Configurable dashboard
  • Assign administrator and work site manager permissions
  • Save searches and pin to dashboard
  • Manage multiple employers from the same account
  • Sitepass photo ID card with QR code
Clipboard icon Onboard and customise work requirements
  • Access unlimited client work requirements (workflows)
  • Assign work requirements (workflows) to your suppliers and their employees
  • Assign work requirements (workflows) to your own employees and volunteers
  • Unlimited custom form creations (e.g. insurances, licenses, training records, permits, and questionnaires)
  • Form template library
  • Verify work requirements with custom comments
  • Send verification notifications with comments and actions
  • Custom categorization for suppliers, workers and employees
  • Unlimited file uploads with multiple files supported
  • Track expiry of custom records (e.g. insurances, licenses)
  • Expired record notifications with selectable frequencies
  • Manage who can work at your work sites and locations
  • Predefined verification comments
  • Track all changes to workflows from the audit logs
  • Assign work site specific work requirements (e.g. site inductions or forms)
Speech bubble icon Train and deliver information
  • Deliver online training to supplier workers and employees
  • Create unlimited self-authored online training courses
  • Pre-build compliance training library
  • SCORM Course hosting (1.2 and 2004) and delivery
  • Distribute policies and procedures
  • Create corporate inductions
  • Issue course certificates
  • Capture training records
  • Deliver site inductions
  • Capture face to face training records
  • Mobile and tablet responsive content
  • Video support (YouTube/Vimeo)
  • Multiple choice assessments
  • Course archiving and version control
  • Page templates with text, images and audio
  • Policy and page acknowledgements

Customer Support

Get access to the support you need

Select the support plan that's right for your business, standard support for online help or upgrade to premium support for more personalised assistance with your implementation of Sitepass.

Standard support
Ideal for businesses who can manage Sitepass on their own. Standard support is included free of charge.
  • Fully hosted and monitored 24x7
  • Knowledgebase articles
  • Dynamic in system support
  • Email support
  • Chat support
  • Recorded webinar training
  • Manage billing and invoicing
  • Subscribe to product releases
  • Subscribe to system status
Premium support
For businesses who need personalized support to help with the setup and rollout of Sitepass. $499 excluding tax, per month
  • All standard support features, plus:
  • Phone support
  • Dedicated client success manager
  • Configuration support
  • Priority case queuing
  • Sandbox environment
  • Integration and single sign on support
  • Personalised webinar training for your administrators
  • Implementation assistance, onboarding and training
  • Manual invoicing and alternative currencies
  • Access to beta programs and new features


Frequently asked questions

In Sitepass, a connection is a contact you know personally who your business is contracted to work for (clients) or who are contracted to work for your business (suppliers, contractors, sub-contractors, employees, volunteers or visitors). The connections your business has will be assigned a workflow (work requirements), which is required to be completed in order to be verified to work.
A supplier is a business contracted to work for you, who provides its specialised goods or services that your business uses. A supplier includes its employees to would physically attend work on your projects and work sites. Sitepass charges for the connection to the supplier (business) and not for its employees. Connection to suppliers is available through the marketplace or by sending email invites.
An employee is an individual directly employed by your business to do a specific job for you and your clients. In Sitepass an employee can be assigned workflows from your clients and your business. Employees can be assigned site manager and administrator permissions, which provide them access to manage your work sites and the suppliers and employees at those sites.
Yes. When another business connects to your business, this business will appear in Sitepass as your client. A connected client will assign a workflow to your business and any if your employees who work for your client. There is no charge for the client connections.
Yes. There is a connection for each supplier, which includes unlimited number of supplier employee connections.
Each invoice will calculate the total number of active connections (suppliers and employees) during the previous month period. When a connection is disconnected, this will be reflected in the next months invoice as this connection remains as an active connection during the current months invoice.
Yes, registration of your business is free. A free tier of supplier and employee connections are included to get you started, and charges will only apply once the connections exceed the free tiers.
Yes. A discount will be applied to the cost for each supplier and employee connection as the total connections increase into the next tier. Use the calculator above to calculate your monthly costs based on your estimate connection numbers.
Sitepass subscription plans are paid monthly, and Sitepass premium support plans are paid monthly..
You can cancel your Sitepass subscription at any time. On cancellation an invoice will be issued for the remaining connection balance. Where you have selected the premium support plan, a refund will be applied for the remaining duration in the annual subscription.
Any business of any size can register and use Sitepass, including sole traders or companies. If you are an employee, your business must be registered first, and then you will need to be invited to register and create your user account in Sitepass.
Sitepass is integrated with Stripe payment gateway, and payment is can be paid using credit cards. Bank transfers or alternative payment options are supported for those who are on the premium support plan.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.
Unlimited. No limits are imposed on the number of self-authored courses or SCORM courses uploaded or completed by users.
Yes. We offer a 15% discount for non for profits. Please contact us to discuss this option further.
Excluding tax. Tax will be charged when the invoice is generated.
Our support team is available and can help answer your questions. Please visit our contact us page to get in touch.

Want more information? Contact us.

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