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Pricing Plans

Flexible plans that scale with your business


My business and its employees have been employed to deliver our products and services to our client.

  • Connect to all your clients, manage the compliance of your business.
  • Promote your business in the contractor marketplace.
  • Invite all your employees and connect them to the clients they are working with.
  • Complete client workflows, forms, and online training.
  • Check into your client work sites, monitor access using the free mobile application.
  • Access self-service support or contact our service desk.


I need to make sure everyone we employ is compliant to our standards.

Everything in Contractor, plus:

  • Browse and connect to new contractors in the marketplace
  • Connect, onboard, and verify your contractors and their staff.
  • Connect, onboard, train and verify your employees and volunteers.
  • Create, edit and assign unlimited workflows
  • Create, host and deliver unlimited courses.
  • Monitor access of contractors, visitors, and employees across all work sites.
  • Track the compliance of your organization and its people using the dashboards, searches and reports.


I have a large-scale workforce and have custom requirements and support needs.

Everything in Client, plus:

  • Custom legal terms
  • Custom pricing
  • Custom support plans
  • Alternative payment options
  • Annual billing options

Not sure which plan is right for you? Contact us today.