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Get access to the features needed manage your compliance for your clients.

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Free to add your employees, connect and be onboarded for your clients.

Want to prequalify, onboard, and manage your entire workforce or setup site access for your work sites, upgrade to be a client.

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Included features

Your business compliance:
  • Be invited and connect to the clients your business is employed for.
  • Connect to client work sites your business will be working at.
  • Promote your business in the marketplace and be available for employment by other hiring clients.
  • Manage your business profile and Sitepass account.
  • Track the compliance of your business in the dashboards and searches.
  • Complete unlimited client workflows, by completing forms and uploading documentation and supporting evidence.
  • Approve or decline client connections.
  • Receive emails for updates to workflows and notification of expired records.
  • Assign one or multiple business administrators.
  • Add additional business entities to your account.
  • Easily upgrade to a client.
Your employee compliance:
  • Invite and add all the employees who work for your clients.
  • Connect your employees to each client and the work sites they will be employed at.
  • Provide your employees with a login to access and manage their personal profile and workflows.
  • Employees can complete their client workflows, uploading their personal records, licenses and other documentation.
  • Complete assigned online training and site inductions.
  • Download the Sitepass ID card for each employee and streamline mobile check into client sites.
  • Employees can manage the notifications they required to see.
  • Business administrators can manage their employee workflows.
  • View overall employee compliance for each client with dashboards and saved searches.
  • Access Sitepass by using any device including computer, tablet or mobile.
How we support you:
  • 24/5 Service Desk.
  • Fully hosted and monitored 24x7.
  • Knowledge base articles.
  • Dynamic in system support.
  • Email support.
  • Chat support.
  • Recorded webinar training.
  • Subscribe to product releases.
  • Subscribe to system status.
  • Translate Sitepass and training from over 100 languages.
  • Submit feedback to help us improve Sitepass.


Like to know a little bit more? Here's some answers...

To register your business, you need to be invited by your client. From the invite you will be able to register your business and complete their workflows.

When another business connects or invites to your business, this business will appear in Sitepass as your client. A connected client will assign a workflow to your business and any your employees that are connected to the client.

Unlimited. Your business can connect to unlimited number of clients and client workflows.

Unlimited. There is no cost for you to invite and add your employees in to Sitepass. Once your employee has been added, this employee should be connected to the clients they are working for. Once connected to the client, a workflow will be assigned that is required to be completed.

Sitepass enables you to invite your employees via an email invite. Each of your employees must have a unique email and mobile/cell number to register in Sitepass.

Yes. Within Sitepass there is the ability to upgrade to a client, which will give your business the added benefits to onboard your contractors, employees, volunteers and setup a visitor management system for each of your work sites. If you haven’t registered yet, you can also register as a client from the website.

No. Only invite the employees that are employed to work for the clients who have connected to you in Sitepass.

The Sitepass ID mobile application can be downloaded from the Apple and also the Android app stores. The apps are free to download, but a Sitepass account is required to login and use the application. IOS 9+ and Android 8+ is required to operate the mobile device.

Sitepass is ISO27001 certified, therefore we take security seriously, and is central to how we develop, support and host Sitepass. Visit our security policy for further information.

You can view the Sitepass user terms and conditions and Privacy Policy from our website. Sitepass complies with Australian, European, New Zealand, United States, and the United Kingdom privacy laws.

Our support team is available and can help answer your questions. Please visit our contact us page to get in touch.

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