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Enterprise pricing

A personalised approach for businesses with a large workforce


Access to all product features

Get access to all product features available within Sitepass.

Account management

Ongoing account management, health checks and account reviews to ensure your getting the most out of Sitepass for your business and we can capture your direct feedback for continous improvement.

Custom contractor pays

Assign custom contractor payment terms when enabling the contractor pays functionality.

A dedicated client success manager

To manage your account a dedicated customer success manager will be assigned. They will design a solution around your unique business and workforce management goals.

System Configuration

We can assist with configuration of Sitepass and support with your setup and ongoing updates to match the changes in your business.

Priority case queuing

Receive quicker response times to your tickets and support requests.

Sandbox environment

Get access to your own sandbox environment to experiment and play the various configuration options, test and validate changes, integrate with internal systems and undertake training with your team all separate from your live site.

Integration and single sign-on support

Simplify your business processes and how you work through integration. Speak to our team of technical experts, so you can leverage our technology solutions to achieve the automation you need.

Personalised webinar training for your administrators

Learn how to get the most out of Sitepass through pre-recorded training webinars, live training events, and bespoke training tailored to your business needs.

Implementation assistance, onboarding and training

We can support your team with the rollout of Sitepass within your business, and manage the onboarding and training of your workforce.

Alternative payments terms

We can provide options to support how you wish to pay, provding options for bank transfers, alternative currencies and manual invoicing.

Access to beta programs and new features

Get early access to new features before they are released, and help us design new features that meet your business needs.

Customer Success

We will design a solution around your unique business and workforce management goals. Regardless of where you are in the journey, the complexity of your operations, or how quickly you’re ready to make changes, our customer success manager will partner with you to find the right approach. For further information refer to our support service levels.

1. Discovery

We analyse your businesses current workforce management landscape and identify business goals. We then tailor a solution to meet your objectives.

2. Configuration

We configure Sitepass workflows, forms, categories, worksites, and training courses that allow your business to achieve its goals with Sitepass.

3. Go Live

We will provide your business with personalised hyper care activities to support the rollout of Sitepass, and training delivered to your entire workforce.

4. Monitor

We ensure the solution is achieving your business objectives and include regular check-in to deliver continuous improvement that align to the changes in your business.

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