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Release notes

Key information on new features and improvements in each version of Sitepass.

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06 November 2020

1.5.8: Force periodic reviews with the workflow refresher and Sitepass ID card updates.

Always ensure your contractor, workers and team members information is reviewed periodically and up to date with the new workflow refresher feature.

19 October 2020

1.5.7: History log redesign, prepopulate your account details when signing in at site, invitation codes and workflow tours.

We aim to make Sitepass as simple as possible to use to ensure our customers and their workforce can achieve their compliance goals. This product update focuses on improvements to general usability and providing more in system support they enable users to get registered, onboarded, complete their workflows and check in at site.

18 September 2020

1.5.6: Your Worksite managers can now view, edit, or verify workflows or invite visitors based on the permissions you grant

Provide your business with additional privacy protection by controlling access with Worksite Manager Permissions. Determine what level of permission each Worksite Manager needs in relation to the contractors, team members and visitors connected to their assigned worksites

11 September 2020

1.5.5: Personalise your access with a branded portal. Creating a branded login portal is easy with Sitepass.

Customise your Sitepass login with a branded portal and streamline access with single sign-on and self-registration

25 August 2020

1.5.4: Introducing a way to reduce your contractor and worker connection costs and to better govern your contractors

Allocating the Sitepass connection fee to your contractors and their staff is an alternative solution to managing your contractor costs in Sitepass.

17 August 2020

1.5.3: Embed PDFs into forms, new workflow verification service, onboarding experience expanded to individuals, and new visitor management features

Deliver information to your workforce with embedded PDFs, outsource your workflow verification processes to Sitepass, worker and team member onboarding, visitor limits and sign-out forms now available.

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