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Release notes

Key information on new features and improvements in each version of Sitepass.

Read the archived release notes for version 2

15 September 2022

Version 2.2.0

Archive records in form tables and administrators can reset their user's usernames and passwords

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16 June 2022

Version 2.1.0

In app site sign in, view contractor contacts, disable connection emails and skip workflow wizard on reset

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26 April 2022

Version 2.0.0

A new kiosk application and a range of new features to customise the sign in pathways for each type of visitor

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24 November 2021

Version 1.9.0

Restrict the work sites and categories that can be selected by your team members, contractors, and visitors

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27 October 2021

Version 1.8.0

Report on your Sitepass workflows

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07 October 2021

Version 1.7.0

Take control and manage your teams access with the new permission system

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