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Release notes

Key information on new features and improvements in each version of Sitepass.

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23 July 2021

1.6.0: Broadcast email and sms messages

Sitepass makes it easy to send messages to your entire workforce from one central platform. Create SMS and email messages and send them to individuals or groups of contractors, visitors, and team members.

08 July 2021

1.5.15: Control deletion of uploaded files, new main menu, upgraded quick search, migration tool and improvements to reporting.

Introducing a range of enhancements to Sitepass that provide control to restrict the deletion of uploaded files, improve navigation with a new main menu, make it easier to find someone with the quick search, and improvements to csv outputs in reports. Along with this upgrade we are also please to announce the release of a tool that enables all customers to migrate and experience the latest version of Sitepass.

09 April 2021

1.5.14: Assign custom workflows to visitors, view recent worksite activity for an individual and trigger webhooks for team members and workers events.

Added capability introduced in Sitepass to assign custom workflows to visitors, view recent worksite activity for an individual and trigger webhooks for team members and workers events.

25 March 2021

1.5.13: View an individuals worksite activity and check in quicker using the Sitepass ID

Introducing work site activity, a new page that provides visibility over an individuals interactions at each work site, listing all invited, signed in and signed out events. Kiosk updates that make it quicker for all registered Sitepass users to sign in using their Sitepass ID.

26 February 2021

1.5.12: List view search updates, workflow status bar, my team category filter and batch logging

This release introduces a range of updates to the contractor, team member, client and worker search pages. The updates will make it easier to visualize and manage workforce compliance, search, filter, and access the information required. This update also provides increased visibility with logging for all batch uploads that are completed.

13 January 2021

1.5.11: Flag the team members, contractors and workers you want updates on with the Watchlist

This release enhances how you manage your team members, contractors and workers. With the new Watchlist feature, Sitepass administrators and Worksite Managers can now flag specific team members, contractors or workers to be part of their watchlist. This provides a streamlined view, displaying only the Sitepass users that are relevant to you. Additionally, this feature will also allow Sitepass administrators and Worksite Managers to only receives notifications for accounts in their watchlist, if desired.

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