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After Covid-19. How you can prepare your workforce

12 May 2020

A move back to normalcy.  That’s a tricky and rather confronting statement.  Why is that so?  It may feel a little silly perhaps, yet the reality is we don’t really know what normality is anymore.

Our current lives have been thrown into confusion, overshadowed with physical distancing measures as a result of Covid-19 and as business leaders eagerly make a move to protect employees and build resilience, a prospective return to ‘normal’ is almost here.

What we can be sure of is that as we rebuild and look to the future, it will be a little different.  For instance, millions of office workers that continue to work remotely have forced a permanent shift in work patterns.

Boston Consulting Group in its COVID-19 and the New Leadership Agenda highlights that:

“Governments are mobilizing to safeguard citizens and manage the economic fallout. Immediate action is critical, but leaders must also embrace a new agenda—one aimed squarely at what comes next.”

The PM has stated that the endgame is to establish a coronavirus-safe economy by July. In order to adhere to these best practices and be confident in the robustness of our future, here are some workforce guidelines to ensure success.

After Covid-19. Safety first future roadmapping

As COVID-19 restrictions start to ease, organisations must continue to exercise caution and adhere to health authority recommendations. Safe Work Australia (SWA) has published the National COVID-19 Safework Principals and a central information hub for work health and safety.

“It’s extremely important that we keep those basic measures – the 1.5m, the hand hygiene, the cough etiquette – these are not polite things to do. These are lifesaving, necessary measures,’’ Health Minister Greg Hunt said.

We have so many decisions to make and so many questions to answer.

  • When should we return to work and our workplaces?
  • If we are office based, do we even need to?
  • If we do return to our workplaces, how can we make sure people are safe?

Whether we return to our workplaces or continue to manage a remote workforce, Sitepass is committed to helping businesses navigate changes and new regulations to ensure the  workplaces, workers and customers are safe and also healthy.

Ensure compliance and efficiency after Covid-19

Sitepass offers a single system that enables clients to manage their workforce efficiently.  From contractor management, through to onboarding, the delivery of training and visitor management.

For instance, the Sitepass contractor and visitor management system allows you to control the comings and goings at your workplaces.  We work with Aged Care facilities that are using our digital visitor book and uploading immunisation documentation to track new mandatory flu vaccinations.  This is a further safety measure to avoid exposure to and the risk of spreading Covid-19.

  1. Prepare your workforce with Contractor Management software
    – The contractor marketplace is a repository of pre-registered contracting companies, where you can select approved workers for upcoming projects. This tool will save you time and quality assurance.
    – By sending invitations to your contractors and site managers for them to connect, access and complete their prequalification requirements before commencing work for your organisation you can have the peace of mind this is tracked in the system and compliance due diligence is upheld. And as this can be conducted on the Sitepass platform without physical contact it’s 100% safe as well as cost effective.
  2. How to onboard new workers through the entire process before they start work
    – You can physically distance and save time by digitally onboarding workers. Send invitations to your employees, volunteers, visitors and contractors so they can effortlessly connect, access and complete their onboarding and training requirements before they commence work for your organisation.
  3. Deliver key training before work commences and to upskill when in the job
    – Take care of your worker’s training requirements, whether for onboarding or skills development whilst in the job. Sitepass allows you to author, assign, manage and report on the delivery of online training to your entire workforce.
    – Build training to educate your people on your business, its processes and deliver important information they need to know in order to be safe and compliant while they work for your company.
  4. Minimise risk and manage restricted access with visitor management
    – Do you have restricted access to your sites?  You can change the level of restrictions quickly with our digital sign-in book.
    – We want you to monitor the safety of everyone across your entire organisation, therefore there are no limits to the number of sites that can have visitor management, and no limits on the number of check-ins per site.
    – If you have specific visitor management needs, such as vaccine evidence, we can assist with that, ensuring the safety of everyone that attends your location(s).

Learn about the many ways organisations use Sitepass to solve their workforce problems. We’re here to help you build back, get in touch to discuss your contractor and visitor needs.

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