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Transform your workforce compliance.

One place to manage your contractors, employees, volunteers and visitors, with complete transparency over your workplace risk, safety and compliance.

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A single platform to manage the risk, compliance and safety of your workforce.

Reduce costs and increase your operational efficiency.

Know who’s working for you

Ensure your workers have the required qualifications to work on your job, project or work site.

Know where people are

Monitor the attendance of everyone you employ at every worksite, building and location across your organisation.

Reduce administration and costs

Quick and simple onboarding, automation, alerts and document management.

Meet your regulatory obligations

Be reassured by planning legal and auditing requirements and deadlines.

Easily resource your next project

Access a database of pre-qualified suppliers, contractors, and employees.

Have more time

With a more efficient way to run your administration tasks, you have more time to focus on the important things, such as your people.

How it works

Reduce spreadsheets, emails and documents with one central application.

Connect and invite

Invite your workforce to connect

Send invitations to suppliers, employees and volunteers so they can effortlessly connect, access and complete their prequalification and onboarding requirements before they commence work.

Resource projects with new contractors

Browse the contractor marketplace to easily locate pre-registered resources for your project. The marketplace also encourages you to promote your business to gain new opportunities.

Connect and invite

Capture information and evidence

Assign job specific work requirements

Define specific work requirements for your suppliers, contractors and employees by ensuring the right information is captured and delivered for each job, role or project.

Build forms or use templates from our library to capture information, documents and evidence in the format you need.

Capture information and evidence

Induct and train

Deliver induction and site-specific training

Avoid the need to conduct face-to-face inductions. Use Sitepass to build and assign online training for completion prior to your workforce commencing work. Deliver interactive content such as corporate inductions, site inductions, policies and procedures by using content pages, videos, audio, assessments, acknowledgements and SCORM content.

Find compliance training in the training marketplace

Sitepass provides a training marketplace of over 350 professionally developed compliance courses. Browse the Sitepass available courses via the Kineo Course marketplace to find topics that meet your training needs.

Induct and train

Verify and permit

Verify the readiness for your workforce to work

Ability to verify all data for individual review and approval. Feedback or actions can be provided where more information is required.

Alerts for expired records

Stay on top of your regulatory business processes with automatic alerts when verification or updates of contractor permits are required. Automatically track the expiry date of important records including training, licenses, insurances and receive alerts prior to expiry and when these records expire. Expired records will also not permit the worker from be able to work, and automatically adjust their work requirements to a declined state.

Verify and permit

Monitor site access and safety

Set up a kiosk at your front desk and replace your attendance book

Monitor the movements of every visitor, contractor and employee across your entire organisation, with a digital solution to replace your paper based attendance book.

Time and attendance reports

Track the date, time and duration of everyone on site, and use the live dashboard to filter and export attendance reports and match this data with your contractor’s invoices.

Monitor site access and safety

Is it time you upgraded your spreadsheet to Sitepass?

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Contractor Management

End-to-end contractor management made easy.

Track the compliance of your contractors and their staff. Ensure they are insured, qualified and that they understand the processes, risks, and hazards with working at each site or across your entire company.

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Onboard, train and verify the compliance of all the people that work for you.

Personalise the onboarding experience for your employees, volunteers, visitors and contractors. Capture and verify vital information and ensure everyone is trained, qualified and ready to work across your entire company.

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Visitor Management

Monitor access and safety across every site.

Replace the attendance book, and monitor the movements of every visitor, contractor and employee across your entire organisation. With no limits to the number of sites that can have visitor management, and no limits on the number of sign-ins per site, Sitepass ensures you can monitor the safety of everyone across your entire organisation.

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Deliver Training

Deliver your critical business information before your workers commence work.

When your workers are trained, there is less risk of onsite accidents and unsafe behaviour taking place. When your workers are compliant with workplace policies, there is less risk of unauthorised conduct or under-qualified workers being assigned to jobs. Ensure your team is fully trained and compliant with workplace regulations before they start work or even enter a worksite.

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Manage Everyone

Flexible solutions to manage everyone you employ, regardless of industry.

Sitepass is used by Human Resource Managers, Business Owners, and Health and Safety Managers, because they all have a common challenge; they need a better way to manage their workforce compliance. They need to ensure that their workforce is safe, consistently trained, and that they have the right qualifications for the work they are employed to do. Sitepass provides a single platform that can adapt to any industry needing to reduce their compliance risk.

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Automate your business processes and connect with Sitepass.

Manage users, sync data, and simplify your processes by using our range of technology solutions and native integrations. If you need, we can work with you to build an integration that delivers your business objectives.

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Let us help you deliver compliance that will make a difference to your business.

Our team offers an effective combination of workforce management expertise and deep product knowledge to help you manage the compliance of your people. We will work as an extension of your team, ensuring our solutions have a strategic impact on your business. We have offices globally – with people who can support your implementation in your timezone.

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Transform your workforce compliance with Sitepass today.

Keeping your people safe just got easier.

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