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Smarter solutions to manage your entire workforce management.

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Contractor management

Track the compliance of your contractors and their staff, ensuring they are insured, qualified and understand the processes, risks and hazards to work across each site or across your entire company.

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Personalise the onboarding experience for your employees, volunteers, visitors and contractors, ensuring they are trained, qualified and ready to work for each location across your entire company.

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Deliver training

Build and assign online training for completion prior to your workforce commencing work. Deliver interactive content such as corporate inductions, site inductions, policies and procedures and assessments.

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Visitor management

Monitor the movements of every visitor, contractor and employee across every site within your entire organisation, and use the live check in dashboards to track their attendance, security and safety.

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Course library

Purchase from hundreds of digital learning courses that are ready to use right out-of-the-box. Provides a simple solution to onboarding new employees or contractors, to building new skills and to helping you to change workplace behaviour. Courses can be purchased individually, in bundles or as a subscription.

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Workflow verification

Sitepass captures information and documents about contractors, employees and volunteers through assigned workflows. Within Sitepass the client can verify these workflows, or as an additional service, verification can be outsourced to Sitepass. The price of this service will be tailored to your workflows and verification requirements.

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