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Manage social distancing and people on your site

02 July 2021

Due to the recent spread of lockdowns with persistent COVID-19 outbreaks, sharpening your workplace distancing protocol is necessary. Controlling social distancing is easy with the right tools that can track who is on site, limit the number of people in one space, and that can provide seamless reporting functionality. 

We aren’t out of the woods yet 

COVID-19 has significantly affected elements of our everyday lives including work, travel and entertainment with cancelled sporting and arts events. Schools and higher education closures have taken place intermittently which has seen subsequent falls in attendance rates. These changes are unsettling the economy bringing fears of a recession.

On 12 March 2020 WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, and today, in June 2021 society continues to navigate unrelenting and unpredictable COVID-19 challenges. In regions where there are no restrictions you could argue that we have become somewhat complacent. 

Business owners, WHS leaders and those responsible for the safety of their workforce, need to manage social distancing and levels of people on site to be compliant as regulatory changes regarding visitor management are on the horizon. 

New state mandatory check-in procedures 

It has been reported in mainstream media that new cases aren’t arising from bars, restaurants and clubs, transmission is predominantly occurring in workplaces. From July 12 in New South Wales it will be mandatory to check-in with a QR code to monitor contact tracing. The types of businesses that will need to adhere to these rules, fall into the following categories: 

  • Retail businesses and supermarkets 
  • Individual retailers within shopping centres 
  • Shopping centres will also be asked to display QR codes at entry points Gyms 
  • Offices, including call centres 
  • Manufacturing and warehousing 
  • Universities and TAFE 
  • Schools including teachers and visitors (such as parents and contractors) but excluding students

Checking-in has been prioritised, yet there is little education around checking out. The system will log entry yet it won’t register an exit unless it is input manually. Informing workers of the importance of check-in and check-out is crucial and will save officials resources and time in required follow ups. 

A visitor management system to manage and monitor the safety your people 

Get a step ahead and take advantage of a tool that can provide important insight about the movements of your people and visitors across your locations. A digital solution that you can control that will provide you with the peace of mind you need in these unpredictable times and where the safety of your workers and visitors to your site/s is paramount. A visitor management system allows you to monitor the safety of everyone across your entire organisation. 

With the Sitepass solution there are no limits to the number of sites that can have visitor management, and no limits on the number of check-ins per site. You can also automate the maximum number of visitors on site that will comply with physical distancing rules that are subject to change. By setting the number of maximum visitors, Sitepass will collect the individual’s contact details and automate who is allowed access. It will also prevent people from signing in when your location has reached its capacity. 

Time and attendance reports track the date, time and duration of everyone’s attendance on site. Go one step further and use the dashboard features to filter and export attendance reports, and match this data with contractor’s invoices, or automate payment through the integration of time and attendance reports with existing payroll or accounting software. 

A kiosk at your front desk could be a great solution to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and it instantly replaces an attendance book that carries infection transmission challenges. Visitors, contractors, employees and other personnel can digitally sign in and sign out of reception. The Sitepass kiosk is simple to set up and provides a quick and intuitive way for everyone who comes to site to check in and out so you can monitor their attendance and time spent on site.

Talk to us about your visitor management and contractor management system challenges, we’re here to help and would be delighted to discuss an approach that fits your organisational needs.    

Ben Borin
Ben Borin

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