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Growthbuilt’s pandemic response keeps them ahead of the curve

14 October 2021

Since the start of the pandemic temporary measures put in place to protect your workplace have become permanent. COVID-19 compliance protocols change regularly and from state to state, but one thing is clear, businesses need to prepare their workforce for workplace re-entry whilst adhering to local government regulations.

This week Victoria Health Mandate announced “Employers must collect and hold evidence of vaccination for workers”. The industries and occupations listed where vaccination is now mandatory are wide and cover almost all workers.

Sitepass helps organisations manage Covid requirements in one place. The Sitepass Covid Management Solution can capture, record and report on vaccinations, personnel on site, tests and results as well as send company wide communication available on any device.

Hear from one of the organisations we have partnered with to navigate the changing government requirements.  

Growthbuilt case study


The system works for both mandatory vaccination and non-mandatory vaccination sites, because the aim is to have immediate reliable data to assist you to put into action your COVID-19 Safety Plan, should a worker present as positive or potentially positive for COVID-19.

— Don Zakroczymski, Head of WHS&E at Growthbuilt.

Remove the risk of costly delays by being proactive and implementing a covid management solution strategy. Sitepass  will partner with you to ensure your organisation can navigate the dynamic requirements of your local government, maintaining compliance and safety as a priority.

Ben Borin
Ben Borin

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