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The Government COVID-Safe QR check-in versus your own solution

11 December 2020

In some states across Australia, contactless check-in via a QR code is now mandatory in businesses and public locations, to help find where people have been in the event of a coronavirus outbreak.  

There are two options available to setup a QR code for your business. Government provided solutions such as the NSW COVID Safe Check in, or implementing your own solution by using various third party applications such as the Sitepass QR contactless check-in. 

The Government’s COVID QR is primarily for contract tracing with the purpose of assisting with the prevention of infection spread of COVID-19 with a ‘scan, check-in and stay safe’ slogan, however the lack of widespread information prior to the recent launch last month caused initial confusion for many people.

This blog outlines the differences between The Government COVID QR and  reasons to implement your own alternative solution such as Sitepass. 

The positive uptake of QR codes

A QR code (quick response code) is a type of matrix barcode that when scanned (typically with a smartphone) points to a website or application.  Historically QR codes have been popular for product and event marketing, but with the onset of COVID, QR codes have been an effective way to monitor people’s movement. 

In Australia over 80% of the population has a smartphone, therefore a QR code is a logical digital solution to easily  manage contact tracing. This approach is more efficient, in comparison to traditional methods such as pen and paper.

It’s important to be aware that not all QR solutions provide the same end results. 

The Government COVID QR

The Government COVID QR check-in collects basic contact information from individuals and provides The Government with the reporting they need to manage contract tracing in the community and provide a faster response to COVID-19 outbreaks

A recent ABC article has quoted Service NSW and the importance of collecting accurate data, the website states; 

"If tracing teams are not able to obtain reliable information, people are unknowingly placed at risk and the virus can continue to spread throughout the community."

The COVID QR solution ensures The Government can achieve their objectives to capture the movements of people and manage contact tracing.  At a minimum all businesses should adopt this free solution that helps to support The Government and the community to manage the spread of COVID-19.

The COVID QR solution is limited for businesses that need to manage the safety of their visitors, contractors and staff.  Individual contact information  is collected and held for 28 days, yet there is no mechanism in place to allow businesses access to this collected data for their own business.  This poses a major gap in the solution for businesses to manage their own compliance and control the safety and whereabouts of people across their entire organisation. 

Reasons to implement your own solution

The Government has not made it mandatory to use the COVID QR solution if an alternative solution such as Sitepass is implemented. Onboarding your own solution doesn’t have to be limited to contract tracing alone, there are additional benefits for organisations when adopting their own solution. 

  • Invite and pre-register all visitors

Pre-registration of visitors has become important for businesses to control the number of people allowed on site at any one time.  Systems such as Sitepass allow you to digitise this process, by sending your visitors invitations via email and enabling online pre-registration  before they go to site.

  • Induct visitors, staff and contractors

With rapid response to manage COVID, businesses need to be across the rules and ensure their visitors, staff and contractors understand the requirements of people entering their locations.  Sitepass simplifies how information is shared by allowing organisations to build and deliver site inductions for any location.  Deliver information such as hygiene requirements, social distancing rules and safety information to everyone before they enter your sites.

  • Automate verification of who can check-in

For businesses that have a high number of visitors it’s important that the sign in process is automated.   Sitepass will avoid the need to monitor every visitor, and automatically check if they have pre-registered, completed their onboarding and all necessary training. If they haven’t, their ability to sign in will be rejected.

  • Report on sign in information

One of the major downsides of the COVID QR solution is that the information captured is not accessible to businesses.  Reporting on this information is important to manage compliance – such as monitoring which sites people are on and how long they have been there.  Sitepass provides access to real time reporting on all visitors who have pre-registered, completed their inductions and are signed in/out of any location. 

  • Automate capacity management on site

Restricting the number of visitors to comply with social distancing rules is vital. If you are responsible for multiple locations, managing this can be very difficult.  Sitepass allows you to set the number of visitors allowed on site, and stop additional people signing in when you have reached your capacity limits. This entire process is automated!

  • Capture information from your visitors

The COVID QR solution captures limited information about visitors, but it may be important to know why your visitors are on site, if they are contractors what job they are working on or setup surveys to capture feedback to improve how everyone accesses your locations.  In Sitepass you can build custom forms to capture the information you need in the format required when your visitors sign in and out of each location. 

  • Restrict access by a geofence

Anyone can scan a QR code from any location globally.  Only allowing visitors to sign in when they are on site is vital to ensure your information is accurate.  In Sitepass you can set the required sign in radius for each location, and ensure that all visitors, contractors and staff are located on site and within the radius in order to check-in. 

How can Sitepass be implemented into your business?

What visitor data matters to you most? Sitepass enables compliance, reporting and training.  Learn more about our wider services.

Sitepass is also free to join.  See how this could work for your business without risk and book a demo. Gain valuable insights to help you look after the safety of your people and your followers, insight that can also influence your future efficiency as well as hone your business goals.

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Ben Borin

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