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Contingent workforce management: worker tracking opportunities & threats

10 December 2019

With the complexity of worker types, project durations, along with permissions and worker licenses, it is a challenge to keep on top of worker data needing to be captured.

Growing in importance, a contractor management system (CMS) offers an extensive menu of contingent workforce management options to organisations. Designed to intuitively store and track information in a single place, the opportunity for measuring success and efficiencies is huge. In this article, we’ll discuss some of these opportunities as well as the issues associated with improper worker data tracking.

Ensure compliance and future contingent workforce management success

In today’s work climate, you are at high risk of non-compliance if you do not have a CMS for your contingent workforce management. In simple terms, here is what you need to know to be set up for the future management of your independent contractors.

What information does an organisation need to store and track?

At the bare minimum, proper contingent workforce management requires you to store and track the contact information, licences, qualifications and work permits of your contract workers. This is an essential requirement of full time workers too.

A CMS is an optimum system to manage contractors and workers across multiple sites that accommodates a growing number of worker profiles and records. An automated contractor management system will notify license and employee training renewals, thus minimising future risk of incidents.

Challenges of tracking contingent workers

Without an intuitive contractor management software system to manage an otherwise unwieldy number of individuals, non-compliance in the form of expired licenses or outdated records is highly probable.  Couple this with mistakenly classifying contingent workers as employees can lead to significant fines and legal costs.

Implementing a CMS for your contingent workforce management makes it possible to clearly identify who is an employee and who is not, along with the ability to maintain all other permutations. We have found that organisations across many industry sectors with a growing number of contingent workers require a solution that offers:

  • Assurance of compliance
  • Mitigation of future risk in contractor safety
  • Automated contractor information
  • Verification of worker license records including insurance, licenses, SWMS, JSA documents
  • A process for inductions where they are reviewed and kept up to date
  • A system that sends notifications by email and SMS elearning
  • Workflows – reduce paperwork by managing work projects all in one, cloud-based solution.
  • A solution that has the capability to convert manual forms into online forms
  • Benefits of contingent worker management

Benefits of proper data tracking via CMS in contingent workforce management

Contractor ownership of record keeping. Value can be clearly realised with the encouragement of self-sufficiency in the management of worker documentation. This reduces in house administration and means contractors will be audit ready.

Customisation of the CMS platform will better align with the business’ needs as the business grows, along with company branding for an owned intranet look and feel.

A fully implemented automated process integrated with the organisation’s own business tools allow for a wider seamless operation.

Accessibility where data can be retrieved instantly across many devices.

Track progress right from the start. You’ll be in the loop before a contractor even starts working. Onboarding software keeps track of the progress made during the onboarding process so you can ensure no contractors start work until they are fully trained and compliant.

Where to go next?

Focus on impact and reach the next level in your business with an end to end contingent worker management system that is configured to meet your insurance, legislative, licencing, location and organisational needs. Learn about the many ways organisations use Sitepass’ CMS to track their contingent workforce and solve their workforce problems.

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