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What's new in version 1.4.0

Export, Disconnect, and Dark theme

Released 25 February 2020

20 February 2020

In this release, we’ve made the following enhancements:

  • Disconnect a team member.
  • Invite a disconnected team member to reconnect.
  • Export page data to a CSV file.
  • Switch your Sitepass theme to dark mode.
  • New notification settings for Worksite Managers to use.

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New features

Keep your connections up to date by disconnecting ex-team members.

Our new disconnect feature enables you to remove the link a team member has to your business, giving you greater control over your connections.

Unlike diamonds, the people working for your business are not forever. To cater for this, you can disconnect anyone who is connected to your business as a team member. Once disconnected, their information is kept; however, they no longer have access rights to your business.

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Get disconnected team members back on board.

You can now invite a disconnected team member to reconnect to your business.

For example, you have volunteers, freelancers, and temporary employees that come and go. These are the types of team members that you would like to disconnect when they are not working directly for you. This solution provides you with a straightforward way to reconnect those team members when you need them.

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Improve your reporting! Export your Sitepass data to a CSV file.

You can now export the results of the following Sitepass pages as a CSV file:

  • My workflows
  • My team
  • Clients
  • Contractors
  • Workers

This allows you to pull report information about the people and businesses you are connected to and even those you are disconnected from.

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Switch themes and view Sitepass your way.

Switching themes allows you to see Sitepass in a different light.

Using Sitepass in Dark mode is visually aesthetic and a fantastic way to reduce eye strain. What’s more, you can shake things up and change it back to Light mode at any time.

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Worksite Managers have greater control over their notifications.

You can use Sitepass notifications to control what and when you are emailed about Sitepass related changes.

Notifications can keep Worksite Managers updated about the people and businesses connected to their worksites.

A Worksite Manager can now use notifications to define when they are sent expiry or workflow-related information about the contractors, team members, and workers that are connected to their worksites.

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