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What's new in version 1.5.0

Dashboard Redesign, My Tasks, Change Role, Group Invite, and Training enhancements

Released 24 April 2020

06 May 2020

In this release, we’ve revamped the Dashboard, and we’ve implemented the following enhancements:

  • My Tasks – action your outstanding workflow steps.
  • Change Role – update assigned roles.
  • Group Invite – use the simplified invitation process.
  • My Training page – access your training courses in one place.
  • Reset Training – have more control over the training of your people.
  • Contractor onboarding experience – tips to help contractors set up Sitepass.

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New features

Dynamic Dashboard experience

The new Dashboard displays information in a more user-friendly manner and allows the user to understand their overall compliance and the actions that are required – all this in just a glance!

Your Dashboard matches your permission level in Sitepass, and it shows what you need to see based on the businesses, people, and workflows you are connected to.

The horizontal compliance bar provides you with your overall compliance status allowing you to take appropriate action. For example, if you are an Administrator of a Client account, this gives you the whole picture of how your team members, workers, and contractors are adhering to the compliance set by your business. Your objective is to make this bar green.

Status rings are included in the Dashboard. They show you the compliance status of each group. While the My Training and Workflow Tasks sections keep you up to date on what needs to be completed for your workflows.

My Tasks

My tasks shows a list of actions you need to complete to finalise your workflow. Clicking on a task takes you to the step you need to update, review, add to, or finish. The tasks are sorted by importance, displaying expired and declined actions as a priority. The tasks are cleared once the workflow has been approved.

You can see a list of the tasks you need to action via your Dashboard – Administrators have access to their business tasks as well.

Group invite

Instead of sending out individual invites, as an administrator, you now get access to an open group invite link that you can send to your team members or contractors asking them to join your business. Add this link in an email, website or intranet for your all your team members and contractors to easily self-register their account and join your business.

My Training

We’ve created a new page that contains all your training from all your assigned workflows; this makes it easier for you to access and complete your required courses. You can search for a course by its name or ID and use the filters to refine the results on the page.

You can also see a summary of your incomplete courses on your Dashboard, download a completion certificate, and view courses that are due soon or overdue.

Update the status of a course

Administrators of a Client account and Worksite managers can update the status of a team member's or worker’s training course. This is useful to mark training as completed when it has been delivered previously or in person. You can also reset a training course so that the user is required to do it again.

Contractor onboarding experience

We have extended our in-system onboarding tool to contractors. The tool guides them through Sitepass and its key platform features. It shows general navigational tips and provides information about our Sitepass functionality. The aim is to help contractors set up and get the most out of Sitepass, and to provide a dynamic and helpful experience for our users. Checklists are also available so that the contractor knows what order to follow when they start using Sitepass.

For more details on how to use Sitepass, you can open the Help Center (in the top right-hand corner of Sitepass) or go to our Knowledge Base and access our wealth of Sitepass articles.


Change the role of your team member or contractor.

Sometimes people change their roles at work. They might change teams, get a promotion, begin taking on more responsibilities, or move to a different department. When this happens, you can change their role in Sitepass under My team.

You could also have contractors that provide different services. You might have them as a principal supplier at one job and a subcontractor at the next. When this happens, you can change their role in Sitepass under your Contractors page.

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