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What's new in version 1.5.5

Personalise your access with a branded portal. Creating a branded login portal is easy with Sitepass.

Released 15 September 2020

11 September 2020

With Sitepass, you can create a branded portal login page. Direct traffic to your portal to sign in or register; connecting your staff, contractors, and visitors via your customised page. You can also enable SAML single sign-on for your portal, providing your users with a more streamlined login experience. 

*The portal feature is included if you have a Client or Enterprise account – no additional fees apply. 

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New features

Create a custom branded portal

The Portal (found in Sitepass under Configuration), allows you to create your custom branded portal. 

Send your staff, contractors and visitors to your branded portal where they can log in to Sitepass and access their workflows. If they don’t have an account, you can allow them to self-register and create an account via your portal. 

With your own portal you can:

Use your branding 

Upload your logo, background image, select colours and add a tag line that personalises your portal to your business.

View knowledge base article

Include instructions about your business

Add instructions and other information that will help your staff, visitors, or contractors sign in or register their account.  

Allow self-registration

Your team members, visitors and contractors can register and create their account directly from your portal. This avoids you having to send invitations, and it provides a self-service way to create an account.

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Enable SAML single sign-on

Single sign-on is a great way to streamline access to Sitepass from Active Directory, your intranet, your website or another third-party application. Single sign-on can also provide increased security by controlling how your staff signs into Sitepass. 

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Define your portal’s URL

You can customise the subdomain for your portal, making the link simple and unique to reference. 

Here are example portal designs

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