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What's new in version 1.5.6

Your Worksite managers can now view, edit, or verify workflows or invite visitors based on the permissions you grant

Released 22 September 2020

18 September 2020

A Worksite Manager is an individual who oversees the day-to-day activities of a business location and the contractors, team members and visitors who work at those locations. They ensure that work is performed safely and to the right quality standards. With our Worksite Manager Permissions update, you can determine what level of permission each Worksite Manager is granted.  

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Define your Worksite Managers’ permissions

Previously, Worksite Managers could fully manage their worksites through Sitepass with no restrictions. Now, you control their level of access.

By assigning the following permissions to a Worksite Manager, you define the type of access level they have when managing the contractors and people connected to and working at each location.  

The new permission options are granted as follows:

  • View - the Worksite Manager can view the contractor, team member or visitor workflow. Unless other permissions (mentioned below) are enabled, they cannot edit or modify the worker or employee workflows details.
  • Edit - the Worksite Manager can edit, modify, and update the workflow details against all workers, visitors and contractors that are connected to their worksites. The edit permission also includes accessing the Workflow Wizard, worksites, and categories for individuals. The edit permission does not include the ability to verify or change the status of the workflows.
  • Verify - the Worksite Manager can verify workflows for all workers, visitors and contractors that are connected to their worksites.
  • Invite Visitors - the Worksite Manager can invite visitors to attend their worksite.

Assigning a Worksite Manager to all worksites is now made easier in Sitepass. Select the + Add all button and grant the Worksite Manager permission over all worksites, including all the contractors, visitors, workers and team members connected to those worksites in Sitepass. With the permissions mentioned above, this provides similar access as an administrator without access to the Sitepass configuration.

Note: If your business has existing Worksite Managers, please note that they will retain their full permission level after this upgrade occurs. They will be assigned the Edit and Verify permissions for the worksites they manage; this ensures that they do not lose their current authorisation abilities in Sitepass. Once this change is live, you can update your Worksite Managers’ permissions according to your business requirements.


Country code for phone numbers

Sitepass now displays the country code for the phone and mobile fields based on the user's location.

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