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What's new in version 2.8.0

Integration with INX InControl and INX InFlight, report updates and new brand identity.

Released 05 May 2023

30 April 2023

Centralise the management of your workforce and ensure information is consistent across business platforms with our new integration between INX Sitepass, INX InFlight and INX InControl, report on visitor management sign in and out forms, new filters in the induction training reports, switch the employer of your contractors, and introducing a new brand identity for Sitepass.

New features

Sitepass integration with INX InFlight and InControl

Improve your workforce safety and logistics capabilities by integrating the profiles of your connected contractors, team members, and visitors in Sitepass with INX InFlight and InControl.

INX Sitepass 2.8.0 introduces an integration that connects our flagship contractor and visitor management software with INX InControl and INX InFlight. This allows connected INX Sitepass user profiles to be created and updated across the INX platform in real-time. 

About INX InControl

Protect your people and ensure compliance by capturing all safety-related data and activities. 

 INX InControl allows your business to navigate safety and risk challenges using a game-changing single source of truth. Our intelligent software captures incident, injury, audit, inspection and observation events in centralised register. INX InControl is a proactive approach to safety which allows you to receive real-time information across multiple projects. Transform your compliance by tracking, reporting and completing routine checks within fast-paced and complex industries. To learn more about INX InControl, please visit the INX website.   

Incident, injury and audit events

Track your compliance progress

Inspection and observation events

Time and date stamp event reports

Assign and track corrective actions.

Available in iOS and Android mobile applications

ICAM/TapRooT® methodology

Includes custom fields for specific event types

Injury and return to work plans

Access your camera/gallery to attach photos

Reporting and graphing tools

Connected to your INX Software personnel profile

Create your own checklists

Offline mobile capabilities

Automatic notifications

Set up your events schedule with ease

About INX InFlight

Safely mobilise your remote workforce by managing roster, flight and accommodation requirements.

INX InFlight enables your remote workforce to become resilient in its operations. Our intuitive software is highly automated and configurable, reduces errors and manages multiple sites to ensure operational efficiency. Schedule our templated and customisable reports for distribution to provide complete visibility of your operations. Learn more about INX InFlight on our website

Create and manage your own rosters and flights.

Ready to use built-in report and graph templates.

Flight bookings and itinerary generation

Manage rosters and multi-leg travel journeys.

Management of bookings and waitlists

Multiple sites in one central database

Complete visibility of cleaning management processes

Third party system integration

Automatic flight and accommodation error notifications

Traveller profile sync with Serko for commercial flight bookings

Organise accommodation.

Manage emergency evacuations.

Review your flight booking status and travel itinerary details.

View upcoming rosters and accommodation details.

Connected to your INX Software personnel profile

Native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows

How the integration works

Our real-time integration of INX Sitepass with INX InControl and INX InFlight enables seamless creation and updates of user profiles. Once a contractor, team member or visitor accepts an invitation and connects to INX Sitepass, their user profile is automatically created in the INX platform.

This integration connects INX Sitepass to our solutions that help you capture all safety-related data and activities and power your workforce logistics operations.

New features include:

  • When a contractor, team member or visitor connects to INX Sitepass, a user profile is created in near real-time in INX InFlight and INX InControl.
  • When user details (first name, last name and email address) are updated in INX Sitepass, a user profile is updated in INX InFlight and INX InControl.
  • Activate and disable INX InControl and INX InFlight user profiles from INX Sitepass.
  • Capture and report on INX Sitepass user ID numbers from INX InControl and INX InFlight.
  • Client administrators can now define the INX Sitepass roles they want to create and update in INX InControl and INX InFlight.
  • Each client can set default values for Workgroups, Homeport and Gender.
  • Batch import existing INX user profiles in INX Sitepass.
  • Audit integration events and errors via the INX Sitepass configuration.
  • Bulk import INX Sitepass users into INX InFlight and INX InControl.

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What will this do?

  • Provides INX InFlight and INX InControl the ability to self-register staff, contractors, and visitors through INX Sitepass.
  • Reduces unnecessary administration to create INX Sitepass user profiles in INX InControl and INX InFlight.
  • Shifts responsibility to staff, contractors or visitors to update their user information in INX Sitepass.
  • INX Sitepass users will only need to have a single user profile to connect to multiple INX customers.

What do you need to know?

  • If you have INX InFlight and/or INX InControl, you will need to upgrade to INX Version 5.16.
  • You need to have purchased INX Sitepass with INX InControl and/or INX InFlight.  

What’s excluded

  • Creation of user profiles from INX InControl and InFlight into Sitepass.
  • Integration of Sitepass with other INX products including InTuition, Assessor.
  • Disabling the ability to create users in INX InFlight and InControl.

Getting access

  • INX InFlight and InControl customers will need to be upgraded to version 5.16.
  • Sitepass has been purchased and implemented.
  • INX InControl or InFlight has been purchased and implemented.

Report on visitor management sign in and out forms

Our newest feature provides more reporting options for your visitor management process. With this release, you can now report on custom forms that visitors complete when they sign in or out at your site.

The custom form feature enables you to deliver important information to visitors, such as site inductions, policies, or procedures. Additionally, you can capture key details about the visitor's attendance, including the reason for their visit, acknowledgements and approvals, key and asset assignments, parking information, work order details, and more.

We now offer enhanced reporting capabilities, allowing you to generate reports on the sign-in and sign-out forms linked to the visitor management system. You can choose to export either a sign-in form or a sign-out form or include both forms in the same report.

The work site activity report also includes various filters that enable you to select specific dates, sites, and other information to filter the sign-in and sign-out forms. This flexibility gives you the ability to tailor your reporting based on your business requirements.

Filter induction training reports by course title, completion status and deadline status

You have even more robust reporting capabilities for online training. Author, assign, manage and report on the delivery of online training to your entire workforce to ensure the induction process is more efficient and cost-effective by eliminating time-consuming face-to-face inductions.

Now, when generating reports on induction training for team members, visitors, and workers, you can easily filter the report by course title, course status, and deadline status. This allows you to quickly and easily access the information you need to manage your workforce's training progress.

With this update, you can report on which courses are overdue or due and take proactive action to manage the completion of these courses with your workforce. 

Switching Employers for Connected Workers in INX Sitepass

Administrators are now empowered to easily switch the employer of a connected worker. Connected workers can now be employed by one or multiple employers, providing greater flexibility in managing contract relationships.

We have introduced a Switch toggle on the workflow overview page for each worker profile, allowing administrators to change the connected employer for the worker with just a few clicks. This change will be reflected in the reporting, ensuring accurate tracking of the worker's employer, and will also impact site access approvals by checking the workflow status for the connected employer.

This enhancement provides greater flexibility and control in managing connected workers in INX Sitepass, allowing administrators to efficiently manage changes in contractor employment arrangements.


Introducing the new INX Sitepass logo that brings it into line with the new INX Software brand identity.

INX Software announced the launch of a new brand identity in October 2022, reflecting its focus on innovation and sustainability as it prepares for global expansion. For over two decades, INX Software has been providing its clients in industries such as mining, infrastructure, transport, health, and government with robust software solutions that help them navigate complex and fast-paced environments.

According to CEO Marcus Ashby, the rebranding marks a turning point for INX, demonstrating the company's commitment to reinvention, innovation, and evolution while continuing to offer cutting-edge technology and products to its clients. As the world changes, INX Software is changing too, with a renewed focus on delivering solutions that help its clients address constantly evolving challenges and protect their people and the planet. The brand refresh positions INX Software for the next phase of growth as a software-as-a-service provider, offering solutions to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse range of businesses.

The acquisition of Sitepass in September 2021 was a strategic move to extend the company's product offerings to include contractor prequalification, onboarding, training, and visitor management capabilities that complement its existing workforce management software solutions.  As part of the rebranding, the Sitepass brand has been updated to align with other INX products, and the new integration between Sitepass and INX InControl and InFlight.  The release includes logo updates in the Sitepass application, email templates, login portals, ID cards, and work site QR codes.

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