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What's new in version 2.9.0

Assign personalised workflows to contractors, team members and visitors

Released 16 June 2023

09 June 2023

In this release, we have enhanced the capabilities for business administrators by introducing the option to assign personalized workflows to contractors, team members, and visitors, providing a more tailored experience. This update allows individuals to be assigned specific forms, records, and training requirements within their designated Sitepass workflow, giving administrators the flexibility to add additional requirements as needed.  

New features

Assign additional workflow requirement to a user

We understand that contractor businesses and specific individuals working with you often require unique workflow steps and specialised training courses designed exclusively for their needs. With this release, we're empowering business administrators and users with appropriate permissions to assign these custom requirements.

A new dedicated page called ‘Workflow requirements’ has been introduced, providing a clear overview of the currently assigned workflow for each individual or contractor business, ensuring clarity and transparency.

This new page introduces a comprehensive view of both the overall workflow requirements and site-specific requirements, enhancing visibility and clarity for users. By consolidating this information in one place, it enables users to have a holistic understanding of the tasks and obligations associated with their workflow and specific site.

This new capability empowers administrators and authorised users to independently assign and modify unique requirements, streamlining the workflow management process and enabling a more tailored and efficient approach to training and task allocation. Clicking the 'add' button will display a slide out panel which allows individual forms, records and training courses to be assigned to the overall workflow or site specific workflows.

In addition, with this update, business administrators and authorised users can remove additional requirements from the overall workflow or worksite-specific requirements. As changes are made, the system automatically recalculates the overall status, ensuring accurate and up-to-date progress tracking.

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