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Due Diligence

02 July 2020

Workplace Manslaughter. Understanding legislative changes

Workplace manslaughter is now regarded a criminal offence under the occupational health and safety laws in Victoria. Understand what this means to you as an organisational OHS leader, wherever...

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19 June 2020

Managing changing contractor challenges in today’s working landscape

Learn why organisations that aren’t culturally embedding their contract workers put their teams at risk. In Sitepass' guide, Managing your contingent workforce understand the 3 key...

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16 March 2020

IR35 and what you need to know

In this blog we will convey to HR leaders what IR35 is, how to identify and manage the implications of IR35 on your contract workers, and ultimately, minimise associated risks.

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22 January 2020

What are the top 5 workers' compensation claims?

Unfortunately workplace injuries are regularly reported and such is life.  At legislation, industry and employer level,  safety practices are continuously prioritised and improved upon to...
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20 January 2020

Jargon busting work safety - knowing your SWMS from your JSAs

Within your industry, you most likely hear an abundance of acronyms and shortened terms thrown around on a regular basis. Many of these may be specific to your industry alone, however some may also be...
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03 October 2019

Due diligence management in the contingent workforce

The responsibility of due diligence never goes away. It merely changes.Safety, technology and the law surrounding due diligence in contractor management were hot topics in Adelaide at the 2019...
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