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31 January 2023

Fraud and fakes labour crackdown prompts a push for better processes

As the labour market tightens, the risk of dodgy tickets is growing, and regulators say they are cracking down on questionable qualifications.

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28 October 2022

Bold new look for INX Software

INX Software has unveiled a dynamic new image that reflects its commitment to innovation and sustainability as it gears up for the next stage of its global expansion.  

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27 August 2021

Improving poor communication in construction

Poor communication in the construction industry is one of the key issues resulting in project delays. Whether poor time management or a lack of a common language, it's critical for site leaders...

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26 November 2020

Our commitment to quality and information security with ISO9001 and IS027001 recertification

Sitepass has maintained ISO Quality and Information Security certifications! This is testament to our focus to drive a culture of continuous improvement and customer excellence.

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27 October 2020

A Case for Building Consistency with Contractor Management

The contractor management landscape is vast and complex with organisations using contractors in different ways. With this level of variety there can be inconsistencies with standards that are to...

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28 August 2020

Power up your contractor management from spreadsheets to an all in one solution

Many organisations still use spreadsheets to manage their contractor lists and data. We receive many enquiries on this topic and have created this blog to help you transition to a digital...

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