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What's new in version 1.5.14

Assign custom workflows to visitors, view recent worksite activity for an individual and trigger webhooks for team members and workers events.

Released 13 April 2021

09 April 2021

This release builds upon existing features to add additional capability to assign custom workflows to visitors, view recent worksite activity for each individual and trigger webhooks for team members and workers events.      

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New features

Assign custom workflows to visitors

In release 1.5.2 we introduced the ability for administrators and site managers to invite, preregister and induct visitors who are required to go on site.  This feature has been populator with our customers especially with managing contact tracing due to COVID-19.

In this release we have expanded on the visitor invitation feature, to provide the ability to assign a workflow to a visitor.  Assigning a workflow to a visitor provides the following new features:

  • Create and assign forms to capture information about each visitor such as visit and job information, drug and alcohol tests, or licenses to operate machinery or vehicles.
  • Capture documents and evidence such as flu and COVID-19 vaccinations from visitors.
  • Capture practical assessments and training and qualifications.
  • For locations with high security requirements, implement a process to verify preregistered visitors before they are approved to attend on site. 
  • Leverage the visitor workflows to simplify the setup and onboarding of contractors or temporary staff who are engaged infrequently
  • Capture work permits and job safety information (e.g. JSA's) from all visitors who are planning to undertake high risk work.
  • Create custom visitor workflows for each location.  Setup workflows for locations that require only an induction or add forms to workflows to capture the required information. 

Setting up a visitor workflow is simple.  Create the forms and courses you need, and then define the workflow requirements for each work site a visitor will be invited to attend.  

When the visitor is invited, Sitepass will take the individual through a stepped process to register, select their location, date, and time, undertake online training and complete all necessary workflow forms.   

If this feature is of interest to your business, get in touch with our support team who can help get this setup in Sitepass.  


View recent visitor activity

In release 1.5.13, we introduced the work site activity page that provides a history of an individual’s activity when being invited or visiting a work site.  

In this release, the workflow overview displays the most recent work site activity for an individual, providing quick access to view where an individual is currently located, where they have been and where they are expected to be for that client. 

This will provide a useful view for the individual, their employer and site managers to further manage all individuals and their activity on a work site.  

Webhooks for team members and workers

The release (1.5.10) of webhooks feature has been a valuable solution for our customers to capture real-time events for connected contractors and integrate contractors information and uploaded assets with internal systems such as procurement, document management systems, and HRIS.

Additional webhooks have been introduced for my team members and workers events. From the Developer settings in Sitepass configuration, one or multiple webhooks can be added that trigger for the following new events:

My team:

  • When a team members details update
  • When a team members overall workflow status change
  • When a team members steps status change


  • When a worker’s details update
  • When a worker’s overall workflow status changes
  • When a worker’s steps status changes

When a webhook is triggered and received by the client system (Endpoint URL) the information in the payload contains:

  • Personal information about the individual in their profile (name, email, contact details)
  • Workflow steps and form data
  • Links to all uploaded resources and files in the workflows (eg licenses and qualification documents)

This information can be used to generate reports, trigger additional events and to store this information in client’s internal systems.  It’s a simple and effective way to capture information in real time from Sitepass.

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