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A single platform to manage the risk, compliance and safety of your workforce.

Reduce costs and increase your operational efficiency.
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Know who’s working for you

Ensure your workers have the required qualifications to work on your job, project or work site.

24/7 Access from any location

Access 24/7 from any location

Access to critical business information in a single secure place from anywhere and at anytime.

Reduce administration and costs

Reduce administration and costs

Quick and simple onboarding, automation, alerts and document management.

Sitepass Regulatory Obligations

Meet your regulatory obligations

Be reassured by planning legal and auditing requirements and deadlines.

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Easily resource your next project

Access a database of pre‑qualified suppliers, contractors, and employees.

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Deliver important job information

Deliver important job information Ensure your workforce understand the procedures, hazards and risks for each project and work site.

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Reduce spreadsheets, emails and documents with one central application.

Connect and invite

Invite your workforce to connect

Send invitations to suppliers and employees to connect, access and complete their onboarding requirements before they commence work.

Resource projects with new suppliers

Browse the supplier marketplace to locate pre‑registered resources for your project.  The marketplace encourages you to promote your business.

Sitepass Suppliers

Capture information and evidence

Assign job specific work requirements

Define specific work requirements for your suppliers, contractors and employees by ensuring the right information is captured and delivered for each job, role or project.

Build forms or use templates from our library to capture information, documents and evidence in the format you need.

Sitepass Jobs

Induct and train

Deliver induction and site-specific training

Avoid the need for face-to-face inductions by building and assigning required induction training prior to employees and contractors commencing work.

Find compliance training in the training marketplace

Sitepass provides a training marketplace of hundreds of professionally developed compliance courses.

Sitepass incomplete training

Verify requirements

Verify the readiness for your workforce to work

Ability to verify all data for individual review and approval.  Feedback or actions can be provided where more information is required.

Alerts for expired records

Automatically track the expiry date of records and receive alerts prior to expiry.  Expired records will flag that the worker is not permitted to work.

Sitepass Activity

Monitor and permit

Manage who can work at your work sites

Assign site managers to monitor which suppliers, contractors and employees are verified to work at each of your work sites.

Photo ID card used to permit access

All individuals are issued with a Sitepass ID card to be presented when attending work.  Scan the QR code to verify that worker.

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Who can be managed with Sitepass?

We understand that no two businesses are the same. With an increasing shift towards a contingent workforce, businesses need to manage their workers, ensuring their compliance and safety. 
Sitepass allows you to manage;

  • Suppliers
  • Contractors
  • Contingent workers
  • Subcontractors
  • Employees
  • Volunteers
  • Visitors
  • Temp workers
  • Apprentices or trainees
  • Students
Workforce employee management


Who uses Sitepass?

Human Resource Managers, Business Owners, Health and Safety Managers and Learning & Development Managers. They need their workforce to be safe, consistently trained, and have the right qualifications for the work they are employed to do.
Sitepass works well with many industry sectors;

  • Construction
  • Transport and logistics
  • Utilities and energy
  • Telecommunications and ICT
  • Health and aged care
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Facilities management
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Military
  • Local government
  • Financial services
  • Education
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See the full picture. Reduce your business risk. All in one place.

Keeping your people safe just got easier.